Brain Injury Cases

Brain Injury Cases

Brain injuries can vary in seriousness from moderate to severe. Crash sufferers can be confronted with anything from experiencing little functional disturbances to being entirely impaired and also looking for lasting life assistance. Individuals that are afflicted could shed their independence and their income. If they are hospitalized because of the mishap, they may be unable to function or may be required to pay medical expenditures, such as treatment or medical care costs.

The car accident law office of Steve Kooner Law will work to ensure compensation for your losses. We work alongside you and also offer you the highest degree of legal assistance to ensure you an effective settlement.

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There is a TWO YEAR TIME LIMIT from the date of the motor vehicle accident and injury to start a court action. If a person fails to start a court action within the TWO YEARS time limit, then that person has no case. Furthermore, if a case involves a Hit & Run, there is an obligation to provide WRITTEN NOTICE under Section 24 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as soon as practicable and no later than SIX MONTHS from the date of the motor vehicle accident and a victim of a hit & run must make reasonable efforts to identify the hit & run person and vehicle. Moreover, if a case involves a municipality, there is a TWO MONTHS time limit to serve the municipality WRITTEN NOTICE of a claim and a SIX MONTHS time limit to start a court action involving a municipality.

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