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When you or your loved one has been hurt, the repercussions can be overwhelming. Legal issues are most likely the last factor in your thoughts. However, you should avoid dealing with the legal issues and insurance coverage problems or with ICBC claims yourself. This is the moment when you have to be clear of your rights and consult with a Vancouver car accident lawyer. Steve Kooner Law Corp. has the well earned credibility and reputation for handling the toughest and intricate personal injury situations as well as providing positive outcomes. By aiding in accessibility to and collaboration with some of the most effective rehabilitation for our clients, we work to make certain the best feasible outcome for you and the ones you love. By establishing sturdy connections with clients, their households and medical care specialists, the emphasis is to make certain the recognition of all the issues and the completion of what is necessary to help everyone within your family.

Steve Kooner injury law in Vancouver will provide you with the top service. By giving extraordinary solutions for your legal needs, regardless of who you are or where you call home. This will ensure that anybody that is severely hurt could work with the finest legal aid and not have to think about where they live as a hindrance.

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ICBC Lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia

Trust a law firm which can assist clients in getting financial compensation in the following motor vehicle accident cases:

ICBC Claims Settlement Process

When car accident victims hire us, the first thing we do is write to ICBC and stop them from calling our clients.

ICBC often phones car accident victims after a car accident to gather information and the gathered information can be used against a car accident victim to lower their claim or deny it altogether. Thus, the first thing we do on an ICBC claim is stop ICBC from contacting our clients.

In addition to stopping ICBC from contacting our clients, we stop ICBC from accessing substantial private and confidential information held by doctors, employers, and other sources which hold private and confidential information on our clients.

Get After cutting off ICBC’s communication with our clients, we focus on trying to make sure that our clients get the treatment they deserve.

We feel an emphasis on treatment is very important in car accident cases for two reasons.

For one, we always want to see our clients feeling better when their files reach settlement.

Secondly, ICBC is known to argue that car accident victims ought to get less money for not pursuing enough treatment and not recovering sooner. Thus, we always try to protect our clients from such arguments by trying to ensure our clients have access to all of the treatment that they require.

While our clients pursue their treatment, we immediately try to address any issues which can result in ICBC arguing that our clients are partially to blame for their car accidents. For example, we immediately try to contact all relevant witnesses to get their statements early on, so that we can preserve evidence in favour of our clients and so that ICBC can be prevented from making baseless arguments blaming our clients partially for their car accidents.

We also make sure that all required relevant statements and forms are prepared in a timely manner while fully protecting the rights of clients.

As our clients pursue various forms of treatment, we try to make sure that our clients give us periodic updates about their injury statuses. As we get these periodic updates from our clients, we at times ask our clients to ask their medical doctors whether any further medical investigations are necessary to assess our clients’ injuries, such as MRIs or appointments with specialist doctors. In this regard, we make sure that our clients get access to all necessary medical investigations such as MRIs and access to required specialists. At times we become even more hands on and assist our clients to access necessary medical investigations such as MRIs and appointments with specialists privately in an expedited manner, as sometimes urgent investigations and appointments on the public health care system may take months and at times well over a year to get.

As our clients’ cases proceed further along, we contact our clients’ doctors and treatment providers to obtain all relevant medical records and reports which we use as evidence to strongly argue our clients’ injury cases.

In addition to obtaining medical evidence, we make all necessary efforts to obtain our clients’ employment information and income loss evidence so that we can strongly argue to recover all of our clients’ financial losses.

Once we obtain all applicable financial and non-financial evidence and we determine our clients have either recovered from their injuries or we determine the duration of our clients’ injuries into the future, we only then proceed to try to get our clients the settlements they deserve.

Settlements can be comprised of many items, including but not limited to money for: pain & suffering, income loss, out of pocket treatment expenses, loss of earning capacity award, future care costs, in trust claims for household help, court costs, disbursements, etc. The extent of items included in each settlement may vary on a case by case basis.

In the event a fair settlement is not possible, the only other option is for the court to decide what a car accident victim should receive.

Steve Kooner Understands Your Needs

Steve Kooner, Vancouver Car Accident LawyerThere are few things more traumatic and painful to British Columbians than being injured in a car accident unless of course you end up with a lawyer who is not empathetic with your personal story; this can also influence how dedicated they are to represent your interests when it comes to your lawsuit.

From my practice in British Columbia, I understand your needs in this stressful time. My background and passion is helping right the wrongs that a car accident injury can damage to a life – while money isn’t everything, it can certainly ease current burdens that have been incurred from the time of injury to the present.  I offer a free consultation, set up to answer any questions you may have about the claims process.  As your legal advocate, it’s my job to ensure that the process is clear and as stress-free as possible to leave you able to concentrate on your recovery.

Imagine for a moment that, having been injured, you are able to remove all the stress, uncertainty and fear from the insurance claim process, and simply concentrate on your recovery?  Clients like you are who we advocate for – we’re familiar with the issues that plague injury-recovery and how getting inadequate compensation slows down the healing process and can leave mental and emotional damage long after the physical damage has healed.  “How to navigate vehicle injury and insurance claims?”  “Who to call or ask questions from?”  “How much compensation is ‘enough’?”  These questions and more are the types of questions that I hear every day from worried clients.  I know if they come to me with these concerns then they’re definitely keeping you up at night.

If you’ve been a victim in a car accident injury case and need straightforward, knowledgeable advice from a lawyer who has a depth of experience navigating vehicle injury and insurance law, call Steve Kooner Law Corporation today.

Every year in British Columbia there are hundreds and hundreds of preventable car accidents.  A considerable amount of these incidents cause serious injury or death.  Put simply, my job is to establish whether a driver could be considered negligent in the ensuing situation.  After determining who is at fault in a situation, as your lawyer, it is important to quantify the value of your pain & suffering, financial losses, treatment expenses, etc.

Many car accidents are caused by some of the following factors – some combine two or more factors into a ‘perfect storm’ of a situation in which someone becomes seriously injured.  It’s my job to figure out the negligent order of events so as to establish responsibility.

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Failing to follow highway rules
  • Failing to follow traffic devices/signs
  • Reckless driving
  • Disregard for other drivers

What You Need to Know

surrey motor vehicle accident lawyer

Being injured in a car accident is one of the most traumatic experiences that a person can undergo.  Injuries that result from this type situation reach far beyond the physical – experiencing mental and emotional anguish months, even years later is not uncommon.  The pain and stress of the injury is also shared by family and friends.  Various car accidents result in lost time at work, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and spiralling medical expenses. With these repercussions as well as the emotional trauma of the incident, and the ensuing pain and suffering from lingering injuries, the entire situation is nightmarish.  It’s difficult to cope; victims feel vulnerable.  As your advocate, be aware that you don’t have to undergo this process alone.

As quickly as possible in the wake of a motor vehicle accident, my goal is to inform you of your rights as a victim.  With your rights established, you’ve actually started on the path to physical restoration, financial compensation, and personal closure.  Your rights include:

  • Access to an ICBC Lawyer
  • Understanding of the legal process and certain entitlements
  • Access to a lawyer who will advocate on your behalf with empathy for your values
While you, as the victim, have an ability to claim for damages resulting from your car accident, you also have a responsibility to mitigate your damages.  In this sense, mitigation means that you have a responsibility to take reasonable and timely action to minimize your losses by:

  • Seeking medical treatment
  • Following your doctor’s advice
  • Returning to work when medically appropriate
  • Pursuant to medical advice, retraining for a new job, or modifying your old job if you still suffer from your injuries
One of the major reasons to have a knowledgeable and experienced advocate on your team for your car accident claim is that timing is everything – your lawyer knows how to navigate this.  Critical windows of time are:

  • After the collision
  • Within 30 days
  • Within 2 months
  • Within 90 days
  • Within 6 months
  • Within 2 years

A well respected car accident injury law firm such as Steve Kooner Law Corporation will help guide you through your case’s timeline in a way that is most financially and personally advantageous to you.

Remember not to ever accept a settlement, or make any significant legal decision without having consulted with a car accident injury lawyer, such as Steve Kooner.  Our consultation is free and it is important to at least get an consultation before taking any legal steps as otherwise you could end up harming yourself legally and financially.

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There is a TWO YEAR TIME LIMIT from the date of the motor vehicle accident and injury to start a court action. If a person fails to start a court action within the TWO YEARS time limit, then that person has no case. Furthermore, if a case involves a Hit & Run, there is an obligation to provide WRITTEN NOTICE under Section 24 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as soon as practicable and no later than SIX MONTHS from the date of the motor vehicle accident and a victim of a hit & run must make reasonable efforts to identify the hit & run person and vehicle. Moreover, if a case involves a municipality, there is a TWO MONTHS time limit to serve the municipality WRITTEN NOTICE of a claim and a SIX MONTHS time limit to start a court action involving a municipality.

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