If you were involved in a car accident
which was not your fault,
and you felt anything as little as some strain or stiffness,
then you can get some compensation

How much compensation will you get …


Frequently Asked Questions

A car accident case can be finished when the injured person wants to finish his/her car accident case. However, the main issue which stalls the resolution of a car accident case is when ICBC offers too little to settle a car accident case.

Yes. Injured persons can claim compensation for many items other than wage loss such as pain & suffering and treatment expense.

Yes. As long as there is medical evidence supporting that an injured person suffered an injury as a result of a car accident, then the injured person will be entitled to compensation.

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Can I Get Compensation Even When I Don’t Have Visible Injuries or I Didn’t Miss Any Work?

If you have a car accident injury case in British Columbia for which you aren’t at fault for, you can get some compensation with a Vancouver car accident injury lawyer helping out. You can still get some compensation even if you didn’t miss any work. And you can still get some compensation even if you have non-visible injuries, such as stiffness in your neck or your back.


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What Are Some Of The Time Limits for ICBC Cases?

Some British Columbia time limits your ICBC claims lawyers share are as followed:

  1. 30 days to provide ICBC a written statement
  2. 90 days to provide ICBC with your Insurance Clam Application
  3. Soon as practicable and no later than 6 months to provide ICBC written notice of Hit & Run
  4. 2 months time limit to serve municipality notice of injury claim
  5. 6 months time limit to file court action involving municipality
  6. 1 year time limit to file WorkSafeBC application for injury compensation from WorkSafeBC
  7. 2 year time limit to file court action

If you miss a time limit, then your claim can be reduced in value or be denied altogether.

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