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A car accident case can be finished when the injured person wants to finish his/her car accident case.  However, the main issue which stalls the resolution of a car accident case is when ICBC offers too little to settle a car accident case.
Yes.  Injured persons can claim compensation for many items other than wage loss such as pain & suffering and treatment expense.
Yes.  As long as there is medical evidence supporting that an injured person suffered an injury as a result of a car accident, then the injured person will be entitled to compensation.
If there is no medical evidence which connects an injured person’s injury to their car accident, then it will become difficult for an injured person to claim compensation.
An injured person’s medical evidence must be reviewed before it can be accurately determined how much compensation an injured person may be entitled to.
It is our opinion that it is always best to hire a lawyer early in a car accident case.  And it is always best to know your legal rights from the get-go of your car accident case.
This type of situation gets very technical.  If ICBC tells an injured person to go to WorkSafeBC, the injured person may or may not be a worker.  However, since this situation is technical, an individual should consult a lawyer to find out how to preserve a WorkSafeBC claim while pursuing an ICBC Claim.
Car accident compensation can be decreased if an injured person fails to get adequate treatment recommended by his/her doctor.
It’s possible that compensation can be lowered in a claim if an injured person does treatment unauthorized by his/her doctor.
Family doctors are usually considered experts only in general pain and suffering issues.  However, if injured persons have suffered more severe injuries including but not limited to bone fractures, tissue tears, chronic pain, etc, then the medical opinions of specialists may be important to obtain.

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