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Personal injury concerns are complicated and often require urgent activity as a result of strict time purview. You should be clear regarding your civil liberties. We are here to assist you.

When you or someone you love has been hurt, the repercussions can be overwhelming. Legal issues are most likely the last factor in your thoughts. Dealing with the legal issues and insurance coverage problems or with ICBC directly surrounding car accidents as well as various other disastrous individual injuries, such as brain and also spine injuries are critical. This is the moment when you have to be clear concerning your rights and consult with a seasoned injury lawyer in Surrey. Steve Kooner Law Corp. has the well earned credibility and reputation for handling the toughest and intricate personal injury situations as well as providing positive outcomes. By aiding in accessibility to and collaboration with some of the most effective rehabilitation for our clients, we work to make certain the best feasible outcome for you and the ones you love. By establishing sturdy connections with clients, their households and medical care specialists, the emphasis is to make certain the recognition of all the issues and the completion of what is necessary to help everyone within your family.

Steve Kooner injury law in Surrey will provide you with the top service. By giving extraordinary solutions for your legal needs, regardless of who you are or where you call home. This will ensure that anybody that is severely hurt could work with the finest legal aid and not have to think about where they live as a hindrance.

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There is a TWO YEAR TIME LIMIT from the date of the motor vehicle accident and injury to start a court action. If a person fails to start a court action within the TWO YEARS time limit, then that person has no case. Furthermore, if a case involves a Hit & Run, there is an obligation to provide WRITTEN NOTICE under Section 24 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as soon as practicable and no later than SIX MONTHS from the date of the motor vehicle accident and a victim of a hit & run must make reasonable efforts to identify the hit & run person and vehicle. Moreover, if a case involves a municipality, there is a TWO MONTHS time limit to serve the municipality WRITTEN NOTICE of a claim and a SIX MONTHS time limit to start a court action involving a municipality.

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